Monday, 1 December 2008


i made an advent calendar this year - for lovely hubby and me. a long piece of string with a paperclip and envelope for each day. i loved decorating each envelope with all those magazine pictures, postcards, stickers, pretty papers that i have held on to you for years with no purpose. i then put notes, verses, thoughts, prayers, memories and of course chocolate inside the envelopes.

 i think i'll keep it and re-use it next year

Sunday, 2 November 2008

baby food cubes

i found these brilliant trays for freezing baby food. best ones i've used yet - good big size for growing mr z who has a big appetite and easy to bend and push the cubes out without having to run them under hot water, half melt the food, bang them on the counter and lose most of them on the floor. 

 nicely packable in a bag, these cubes hugely please my anal retentive side
 and a bowl of fruit, soon to be consumed by my baby boy, hugely pleases my mother side
 and these beautiful bowls, given to me by my fabulous older sister, hugely please my creative side (how pleasing to feed a baby from a pretty microwavable ceramic bowl rather than yucky plastic)

Thursday, 9 October 2008

baby shoes

pointless over-priced things i know but so so cute don't you think? i love being given these little leather beauties because you can indulge the cuteness of them at no cost. why do we grow to hate our adult feet? so many people find feet somewhat grotesque. at what point do our feet lose their gorgeousness and turn from those lovely soft pink squidgy edible little tootsies to lumpy, warped, dirty, cracked, smelly(?) .... you get the idea. 

Friday, 26 September 2008

i am a mum

i am a mum - by no means an expert. becoming a mum i discovered i need creativity in my days...beautiful and delicious things - making them, buying them, consuming them, using them, gazing at them. i also felt the need to photograph and record these things as many of them were used & gone! as mums we need to share ideas. we need all the help we an get. it's therapy for me to record ideas and to learn from others. i need community and i need to put value on what i do day in and day out, by recording it. i think i would like to start a blog, if i can find the time and energy and not be too distracted from my kids.

here i am going in to labour - my last hours before baby arrived
here is gorgeous hubby and scrumptious baby z

Saturday, 20 September 2008

potted salad

today we had the first salad from our own home-grown vegetables. it was delicious and made me never want to buy vegetables again. 

 now i understand why the squirrels won't stay away from our veggies. but i wish they'd leave a bit more for us!

Friday, 16 May 2008

happy birthday to me

thank you dear sis for the delicious cake.. yum!

 and dear hubby for the beautiful lilies you planted for me, among many other things you do and are.