Monday, 18 March 2013


So it's been a little while since i have blogged for a few reasons
Firstly I've been growing this little bump which has required a lot of extra sleep and food.
Secondly, we've had two Spanish students staying for a week. It was fun but rather time consuming & exhausting cooking for a vegetarian (husband having a break from meat for Lent), a Celiac (one of the Spanish boys), a non-vegetable eater (other Spanish boy), a pregnant woman trying to get all the right protein, iron, calcium, vits etc, and two small children. Plus the celiac had his 15th birthday so I felt I should make a cake (gluten free). Needless to say lots of cooking and various pots and washing up! Kids have watched more tv than usual and fallen in love with Shrek which is fun.
Thirdly hubby and I are addicted to Breaking Bad so evenings have been eaten up with that.
Fourthly it's my four year olds fifth bday party soon which is happening at our house. he wants a jungle themed party. thankfully hubby loves decorating the house for parties and i love decorating cakes so we should be fine. i will post the cake recipes.
Plus my father in law and easter are arriving soon.... ooooh la la better go...