Saturday, 5 November 2011


We had fun preparing for Halloween

little mr z enjoyed drawing his design on paper for a pumpkin face
and then drawing it on to the pumpkin
he used a sharp corn on the cob holder to poke out the lines of his face - easier and safer than a sharp knife!
and here they are - little mr z's much more exciting than mine - with the sharp teeth and cool nostrils
i would recommend roasting the pumpkin seeds in oil and salt - so delicious and more-ish. little mr z and i ate them all afternoon while we worked
And lovely hubby brought these beautiful vegetables home from the market

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

raw vedge

i have rediscovered raw vegetables. and how much less effort is it to chop up vegetables and throw them on a plate than to also steam and serve them - cauliflower, courgette, broccoli, spring onion, carrot... YUM
And I have so much more energy after this lunch than a big sandwich or bowl of pasta. I guess it just takes the energy and inspiration to do all the chopping!!