Friday, 26 September 2008

i am a mum

i am a mum - by no means an expert. becoming a mum i discovered i need creativity in my days...beautiful and delicious things - making them, buying them, consuming them, using them, gazing at them. i also felt the need to photograph and record these things as many of them were used & gone! as mums we need to share ideas. we need all the help we an get. it's therapy for me to record ideas and to learn from others. i need community and i need to put value on what i do day in and day out, by recording it. i think i would like to start a blog, if i can find the time and energy and not be too distracted from my kids.

here i am going in to labour - my last hours before baby arrived
here is gorgeous hubby and scrumptious baby z

Saturday, 20 September 2008

potted salad

today we had the first salad from our own home-grown vegetables. it was delicious and made me never want to buy vegetables again. 

 now i understand why the squirrels won't stay away from our veggies. but i wish they'd leave a bit more for us!