Tuesday, 3 January 2012

leaving the house

i am a mum, how did that happen? i've been a mum for four years and i feel like a novice.. like it was only days ago that lovely hubby and i would decide to go out, would put on our coats and leave... carrying nothing.. nothing!! we walked, meandered, stopped to look at things, shopped, sat in cafes, moved on to bars and eventually wandered home... chatting much of the way.

oh how things have changed. leaving the house now takes approximately one hour... each step moving us all closer to melt-down or tantrum - searching, packing, finding lost items, re-packing, remembering spares, zips, buttons, knots, velcro, hats, gloves, shoes, persuading, convincing, bribing, cajoling, threatening, pleading, crying, pretending to leave child behind and of course ... last minute pooing! Finally leaving, returning for forgotten items, finding keys, collecting forgotten item plus a few more, another toilet stop.. AND we're out! .... it must be almost lunch and nap time... better get home soon right!?

Some things I've forgotten how to do -

wandering slowly through an art gallery 
reading a magazine in a cool non-child-friendly cafe
while hubby sites across from me and does the same!
looking up for long enough to notice, appreciate and PHOTOGRAPH a shelf of trendy items 
taking a photo of ourselves

ahhh the indulgent days...

you know i wouldn't change a thing
but life has certainly changed

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  1. Ahh I hear you on that! My daughter will be two in May and I'm still struggling with losing my freedom, my spontaneity, afternoon naps etc etc. I find myself staying up way later than I used to and I think it's because I want to squeeze in all those little moments I still want to enjoy by myself. Sounds like you're doing a fabulous job though!


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