Thursday, 21 June 2012

dark chocolate & beetroot cake

It was my little sister's birthday recently and, since being diagnosed with cancer, she is trying to cut down on her wheat and sugar intake. she's also been increasing her superfood intake. So i thought i would attempt a couple of birthday cakes - the first being full of beetroot and adapted to include very little wheat or sugar. although there is some debate about spelt flour - i think it is an ancient form of wheat so much better for you than normal flour but not good for people allergic to wheat.
i was in a bit of a rush with this cake so it is very quick & easy. it is not super-sweet which i really like (i am a dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate person - how about you?) and it tastes great served with creme fraiche.

i have a terrible time getting cakes to rise so this one i poured  in to a very small (15cm) cake tin and hooray - a nice big fat cake - rather than a rather sad-looking thin one. 

Here's how i made it:

heat oven to 190C
grate 2 medium beetroots in to a bowl
add a pinch of salt and
200g spelt flour
100g cocoa powder
1 tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
3 tspn vanilla extract
100ml agave syrup

Mix well
pour in 200ml vegetable oil while mixing
add 100g dark chocolate broken in to small pieces and mix

Pour in to a greased cake tin and bake for 1 hour

little helper enjoying the batter

this cake followed a first course of artichokes - with mayonnaise for dipping
and a second course of salmon, potatoes, green beans, spicy lentils (stir-fry onion & red peppers with lots of turmeric and add puy lentils - yum!) and greek yoghurt
so our first course was accompanied by mayonnaise, second course accompanied by greek yoghurt and dessert accompanied by creme fraiche. i started feeling a little sick of white slimy sauces by the end of the meal and could feel my satisfied (or horrified?) arteries pumping away.


  1. what a treat Becca... am going to make the beetroot and chocolate cake soon! maybe even this avo! great recipe xx

  2. it is yummy ali and not too sweet. you can also replace spelt flour with normal flour and agave syrup with sugar if that's easier. enjoy! B x

  3. Thank you so much for my utterly beautiful and thoughtful birthday food lovely sis. looking back at these photos makes me realise what a feast it was. xxx

    1. pleasure! - i enjoyed making (and eating!) them. xxx

  4. The cake looks sooo rich. Oh, I'd love to have a piece!
    You mention in your comment that you can substitute the agave syrup for sugar so I'd like to ask if you know how much sugar to use. I'd love to try the cake out :-)
    By the way, thank you for following my blog :-) !

    1. Yes of course. Try 250g caster sugar. Hope you like it - It isn't a moist cake but it is rich and delicious. thanks for stopping by xx


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