Thursday, 28 February 2013

do you hoover counter tops?

after our bake off (previous post) i needed to do some tidying up as you can imagine! as we had already made a big mess i didn't mind more mess... so i set the kids up with a tray of flour and some toys each. they loved it and it kept them enthralled for a long time. my son in particular could play with flour for hours. 
i do wonder whether anyone else in a hoovering frenzy gets carried away and hoovers the table and kitchen counter tops... or is that just me? and is it revolting? i have to say it is quite satisfying... but perhaps no-one will want to eat at our house again now that i have outed myself.
another fun one is mixing cornflour with water to play with. it is amazing and fascinating. we tried out different consistencies. it made the most amazing textures that felt dry to touch but on picking it up turned in to a gloopy liquid and ran off our hands. it feels dry but moves like a liquid. this is great because it is really easy to clean up.


  1. Yes! I do! I hoovered the toaster the other day too!

  2. You know I have not, but I definitely am going to now!!!

  3. I've never thought of it, the idea made me smile - then I thought, actually it's an excellent idea! Especially considering the state our table gets in. Love your messy play ideas.


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