Thursday, 15 March 2012

milk bubbles

spilled milk is one of those things that can drive me mad. i guess milk slightly grosses me out when it is all over the place. but today i decided to embrace it and let the kids have fun blowing milk bubbles. we had a lot of soggy tea towels when this was all over. they really enjoyed it.

it seemed to be a day of teaching me not to cry over spilled milk as our milk container decided to spurt milk everywhere when i poured it in to my coffee. good thing i was in a milk-embracing frame of mind!

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  1. This also has a very calming effect on kids because it's a 'play' way to get them to do deep breathing as you would in yoga or when you are anxious. Our OT calls it "the bubble monster" and we use it often for a calming effect. Did it do that for your kids?

    Maybe you needed to do it when you spilled the milk? haha


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