Thursday, 6 December 2012

glitter overkill

so this was supposed to be a nice relaxing activity on a cold wet windy winter day. it wasn't hellish but glitter and strong-willed strong-handed toddlers can get a weee bit hellish. they want to cover every corner in thick glitter... as well as the table, chairs, floor, carpet, walls, ceiling, themselves, mummy.... however we ended up with some sweet decorations for the tree. and all feeling VERY very excited about christmas... in our glittery house!
i am hopeless at following, let alone remembering, recipes. that is why most of my food is made up. however the Salt Dough Recipe is hard to forget - half, half, whole. half a cup of salt, half a cup of water and a whole cup of flour mixed together. Add more flour or water for the desired consistency. 
roll and shape. remember to poke a little hole in the top so you can attach thread or ribbon.
 now you can leave these to dry overnight or bake them at a very low temperature for three hours.. or simply zap them in the microwave for three minutes! 
then paint and glitter to your hearts content.
Ta da! ... the oh so christmassy rocket ship and a very glittery yet shy-looking moose posing as a reindeer... bring on christmas!

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  1. We have glitter, glitter everywhere - on the carpet, on our clothes, in our hair and we haven't even started on the salt dough yet :-)


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