Tuesday, 3 July 2012

broad bean season

the kids loved getting the broad beans out of the shells. the shells are beautifully soft & fluffy inside. we have a book about the Wattlebabies who live in the bush in Australia and make the bean shells in to boats. Little Miss M was hungry so i couldn't stop her just eating the beans raw. Little Mr Z and i didn't think they tasted very nice raw.
we boiled them for 5 minutes, drained them and left them to cool a bit. the kids ate a big bowl each as they waited for their dinner. more of these please.
for the grown-ups i added them to a simple salad of grated beetroot and grated carrot. alongside a salad of rocket, pine nuts and sweetcorn. alongside roast potatoes and chicken. fresh & delicious, the broad beans made the meal for me!


  1. Sounds like the broad beans were a bit hit then with all the family :) They sound nice in the salad. I tried growing my own last year, but didn't get a very large crop, perhaps I was just unlucky..shame as they are lovely though!
    Have a great day today x

  2. I have never tried using broad beans! This meal looks and sounds delicious:)


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