Friday, 27 July 2012

kids shoes

i can't believe how much children's shoes cost. i have bought very few pairs because i have been given so many hand-me-downs... even my mother saved most of our shoes and all our wellies from when we were kids. it's strange putting my kids in shoes that were on my feet when i was their size
i also can't believe that unless you spend ridiculous amounts of money on girls shoes, you end up with revolting shiny pink & purple tack. the girls selection in Clarks is apalling. i did find some sweet tan shoes at Clarks on sale for £22! still seemed like a rip off to me... but we went with them.
what i  was delighted with was this find -

these are Livie & Luca who, i looked up and discovered, make beautiful shoes. These sell for £48 new. I found them in a charity shop in great condition for £8.80!... rather pleased with these.


  1. Good op shopping (ie: charity shopping) Becca

  2. These are really appearing good with nice collection and the style of shoes will attract the kids surely. They always love to wear them.

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