Monday, 2 July 2012

filo lunches

i discovered rolls of filo pastry recently. i've obviously eaten filo before and loved it but have never got round to buying and cooking with it. i had a week of beautiful lunches that were quick and easy to prepare. here's how -

tomato & goat's cheese filo

preheat oven to 180F
roll out filo pastry on a tray covered in aluminium foil 
turn up the edge of the filo slightly
put a thin spread of tomato puree on the filo
put sliced tomato and/or sliced red pepper on top
crumble goat's cheese and walnuts on top
spread some chopped parsley on top 
bake in the oven for 10-12mins
accompany this with a delicious salad of grated carrot, cabbage and chopped apple
or mixed leaves and grated beetroot
there are so many toppings you can do on filo - experiment with marmalade's, different vegetables, cheeses & nuts and fruits for pudding... it can spice up whatever you have on the shelves at home and is a nice change from bread. i think next i'll get a little more adventurous with the filo - perhaps some fun tarts or parcels!


  1. This look yummy! I have never had a go at the filo pastry before, I will have to try and pick up some to give it a go..thanks for sharing :)

    1. yes do - it is so easy and tasty - very pleasing .. and a nice change from the usual. thanks for stopping by. B

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    1. yea goat's cheese and walnuts is delicious. i'd like to try a pear, goat's cheese & walnut combo. or a summer fruit berry filo.... fun to experiment with. thanks for stopping by. B

    2. i'm so sorry i deleted your original comment - i'm not sure how that happened!!! i think it was when i was reading comments on my phone - so easy to push the wrong link! sorry B

  3. This looks so amazing :-) !! I love phyllo dough, we use it often in my country :-))

  4. oh i'd love some more tips on good filo recipes. thanks for stopping by :)


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