Friday, 16 November 2012

in our family...

so the other night i got sick of the kids arguing over everything... especially over who goes FIRST! 
so i got paper and pen and we started with 'In our family... '
together we wrote a list. Little Z got so in to this.. he LOVED it!
here is the list we came up with. let me know if you have any you think we should add.

In Our Family we..
are gentle
are kind
let other people go first (Little M responded to this one with "No ME!")
share with each other
love cake (Little M's contribution)
play with toys gently
say kind things to each other
take deep breaths when we feel cross
don't grab, hit, shove, push, scratch, bite
say sorry
do cuddles
play with each other nicely and don't do things that are rough
say encouraging things, nice things
talk kindly
say please and thank you
do good things, don't do bad things
listen to each other
read books together
pray together
do things that are really good and dont make people sad
go on trips together
compliment each other (you look lovely in that. you're really good at that)
do what Mummy & Daddy say
use nice voices (no screaming)
say what we are feeling
are allowed to make mistakes
we forgive
we definitely dont microwave our soft toys


  1. Lovely! Things lots of adults could learn too. x

    1. yes indeed Lynne. i need the reminder as much as they do :)

  2. Sounds like a great list! :) I especially love the last one. Although I'm sure the penguin was just feeling very cold and asked to be put in there. :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  3. Love this. Reading the book you recommended and feeling inspired. Thanks

  4. Love this Becca. Your blog inevitably brings me to tears, you're such a brilliant mum. xx


thank you. i love your comments x