Tuesday, 6 November 2012

pumpkin seeds

when im tired and cold i want to eat and eat and eat. i eat my way through the day - perhaps to give me energy or warmth - perhaps for comfort - perhaps because i feel unmotivated to get on with any tasks. salted roasted pumpkin seeds are SO addictive i couldn't stop eating them. if you do nothing with leftover pumpkins from halloween, at least cook up the seeds.
separate out the pumpkin seeds and rinse them in a sieve to get rid of as much pulp as possible. 
pour a generous slosh of oil in to a roasting pan and put the clean seeds in the pan, sprinkle with plenty of salt and roast at 180C for 20 minutes or until nice and crispy. they can burn easily so keep an eye on them. 
here is my boy's pumpkin... which apparently has a cross face because he was cross with his little sister's pumpkin who kept hitting him.. processing reality through their pumpkins.
my daughter LOVED playing with the slimy pulp - squishing and swirling it and moving it in and out of the hollow pumpkin... a bit like Eyore with his burst balloon and the empty honey jar.

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