Monday, 5 November 2012

monday a doing day

its only been half term - just a week out of our normal routine - and i feel like i'm now drowning in admin, low energy, dirty house, laundry, sorting, filing, grocery shopping, meal planning and baking that needs doing... and here i am blogging! what am i doing? does anyone else ever feel guilty for blogging? that it's a waste of time and other things are suffering as a result. i do want to record my thoughts and memories of little stories about the kids. i also definitely need to record my recipes for myself... so i can find and replicate them. so i will continue for now and try to squeeze it in when i can.... or squeeze the other stuff in around IT?! 

here we are having an admin hour... or two... or was it only 20minutes it lasted? we all got something done.. me a meal plan and online grocery shop, Little Mr Z an entire dozen egg box painted and little Miss M 30 sheets of paper covered in paint.... very productive i'd say. 


  1. I love how covered the table is! I completely understand the drowning feeling. My house is a complete and utter mess, the laundry pile is almost as tall as the dresser, there are duvets, toys, clothes and plates and cups scattered across the house....and what do I do? I'm in a coffee shop on my computer taking 15 minutes to look at blogs before I do my home work!
    It seems that blogging is also a creative outlet for you. Therefore it is just as important as the cooking, cleaning, organizing and loving that you do.

  2. I must confess that I'm rather pleased to read this! You always seem to me to be achieving so much and so easily and beautifully and getting the balance right! So thanks for sharing so honestly!
    And don't give up the blog - I love reading it. The boring (if necessary) stuff will always be there no matter how much time you devote to it, so you have to make time for stuff you enjoy and that is more creative and long-lasting.

  3. keep blogging Becca! - vital for the soul and you are creating precious sweet memories for your children to remember when they are all grown up! xx ali

  4. Please don't stop blogging! I love reading your recipes & seeing all the fun you and your kids have x


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