Monday, 15 October 2012


due to various aches and pains, strange skin rashes and a slight paranoia about what was wrong with me (the doctor found everything to be normal) i thought i would go on a detox and see if i could rid myself of these ailments while also improving my general skintone, vitality, and mood. so i found a cleansing detox that involves a week of eating ONLY green vegetables (plus aubergine and some forms of squash) and lots of garlic and onions. the food should mainly be raw or slightly steamed but i have had the odd sauted meal too. there are a few supplements and a weird cleansing liver flush drink at night that i haven't been able to bring myself to embrace. i thought i would only last a few days on this but i am on Day 6 and i feel great!

the cons:

- i smell like brussel sprouts and garlic
- eating vegetables for breakfast
- constantly chopping vegetables (sore back yesterday)
- overdid it on the garlic one day and had stomach cramps in the night
- extreme tiredness hits me in the afternoon and i have to nap (even for 5 minutes)
- i miss coffee
- i'm addicted to salt
- it is expensive buying SO much fresh veg
- it is more effort in the evening cooking a meal for the family while chopping endless veg for myself

the pros:

- i can eat vast quantities of food
- vegetables have never tasted so good. i notice all their lovely flavours and look forward to a bowl of brussel sprouts
- i can cover my vegetables in olive oil and salt so they taste like a big bowl of chips.
- i dont feel groggy
- my skin is improving
- my ongoing intense hormonal (breast and abdomen) aches have gone
- i was expecting days of intense headaches but have had none! (apparently due to drinking lots of water)
- i'm not eating all the kids leftovers
- i'm thinking about what i eat & practising good discipline
- i feel lighter, more motivated and have more energy
feels good to give the body a bit of a cleanse
- the kids have been trying and enjoying lots of new vegetables

here are some of my meals:

 a shop
 first breakfast
second lunch (same day)
snack (beans and garlic)
 dinner (3 Litres of salad)
lunch (3 Litres of salad covered in coconut oil, salt & pepper)
snack (the orange veg is squash)
allowed myself an egg for breakfast one day because was feeling desperate
this is what i miss and crave in the morning [not allowed anything on this plate at the moment] -


  1. Hi Becca, I wondered how the detox diet went? Would you recommend it? I feel so tired all the time and I think it's more than being a mom- wondering whether changing something up with my diet would help?? xx

    1. hi Ann, the detox went really well for a week - i felt great but i admit i did still feel low on energy (probably due to no carbs what-so-ever!). It made me re-evaluate the way i eat and what i consume. it was good to know i could give up coffee and sugar etc. i'm trying to continue with no caffeine and very little sugar or wheat and i'm enjoying that, tho it is hard. i think it will get easier the longer i do it. it has helped my abdominal and breast pains and my energy levels. i can give you the link to the website i used which was really great, if you want it. B xxx

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