Saturday, 20 October 2012

starting school

when Little Mr Z started "big school", he got oodles of attention, photographs taken, lunch box made up. we had had a lovely summer as a family and now Daddy was off to work and big brother was off to what looked like a very exciting classroom, in new clothes and carrying an exciting lunch box. i stupidly arranged a play date with a new friend not realising the devastation that M would be feeling from her two beloved boys leaving her behind, at home, with no lunch box... she was a complete wreck. when our guests awkwardly left early because of M's state, i sat on the bottom step and sobbed. this stopped M from her face-down screaming & sobbing on the door mat. she walked to me and we hugged and we talked and we realised we were both missing Daddy and Z and it was quite an adjustment. when she collapsed screaming at the school gate because Z wouldn't let her carry his lunch box i realised it was time for a lunch box for her. i found a lunchbox at home and the next morning Z & M both got a special packed lunch and we took photos of BOTH of them outside the front door. Little Miss M carried her lunch box around ALL day for a week and was so pleased with it and comforted by it's presence.

here's a great hearty curry for kids to fill them up after a big day at school

serves 4 - you can spice it up for the grown-ups

1. saute an onion and a red pepper for 2 mins
2. add 2 diced chicken breasts and stir until chicken is white
3. add 1/2 tsp curry powder, pinch turmeric, pinch coriander, 1 tbsp honey and stir for a few mins
4. stir in a handful of chopped green beans
5. add 1 tin coconut milk and 1 tin chick peas and simmer for 3 mins
6. add salt & pepper to taste
7. serve on rice


  1. Lovely post - remember being devastated when my big sister first went to Brownies without me

    1. thanks. i know it's so hard being left behind. i have two older siblings and always felt left out.

  2. Awwww bless. Lovely recipe ... :0)


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