Thursday, 18 October 2012

remembering summer

so we're hurtling towards christmas now and i don't feel i have let go of it being summer. but it is well and truly time to pull out winter coats and hem my boys school trousers so i'm not sending him in shorts all winter. i did make some summer fruit puddings with little Miss M and pop them in the freezer so that in the dead of Winter we can turn the heating up, pull them out, pretend it's summer and perhaps help to relieve our SAD - we can have these little puddings and be reminded of lovely hot summery days filled with summer berries, frolicking in fields and swimming in rivers... and be cheered in our souls.

Mash lots of raspberries and strawberries
whisk a pot of double cream
seive the fruit and mix it in to the cream
squeeze half a lemon in to the mix
add icing sugar to taste
spoon in to little dishes and
place a raspberry on top of each
Ahh those lovely summer days.....
post-ice-lolly wrestle

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  1. I wish that when our SAD gets too sad we could have some of these yummy looking things too! oh how we miss our summer days already.


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