Friday, 26 October 2012

halloween treats

Little Miss M and I made a batch of basic cupcakes - with 100g block of melted chocolate added in. i think she ate about three cupcakes worth of batter.
we then went to the corner shop and got some stringy sweets and mini marshmallows. when Little Mr Z got home from school we made halloween spiders by sticking the sweets in to the sides of the cupcakes for legs
covering them in melted chocolate [this avoided the problem of finding or making black icing. the kids are young enough not to mind too much if the spiders were brown instead of black]
and sticking the marshmallows on for eyes. i have to admit these were maybe a little too much chocolate and sugar - Mr Z was wired for hours, popping out of bed and dancing around the living room until 9:30pm(he normally passes out at 8pm).
while the kids were eating and covering themselves in chocolate, i melted marshmallows in a saucepan and used the goo to make ghost shapes on some of the cupcakes... these were very sticky!
i then ran out of halloween steam so finished off the last few cupcakes with a big dollop of melted chocolate and a marshmallow
after eating the chocolatey sugary spider cupcake, Z said he felt really sick. 15 minutes later he was hovering around me begging for more chocolate and marshmallows. i said "no i think you've had enough and remember you felt really sick?" He replied "but God has healed me so i don't feel sick any more!" i wanted to give him more for his canny answer.

now on to pumpkin carving...


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    1. PS I can still do blog school with you if you like - I'm finishing work now so have a bit more time.

    2. thanks Lynne. I'd love to do blog school. i know there is loads more i could and would like to do with my blog but i find it very hard to find the time!!

  2. fantastic and SO fun for kids to make!

  3. These are such clever ideas. I'm with Z - more chocolate and marshmallows, please!


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