Sunday, 26 February 2012


i never seem to be able to keep a basil plant alive for very long which frustrates me because i love the idea of having a thriving basil plant and i love to put fresh basil in my cooking. they also can make the kitchen smell divine. it feels a waste to keep buying basil. i have finally looked up how to keep a basil plant alive and i'm hoping the tips will help this one survive. 

i found there are whole blogs devoted to basil - here and here - they are lovely. The main way i seem to be going wrong is lack of sunshine... better find a new home for my basil plant. One site also suggests Basil needs a steam clean once a week! This site has good tips for all herb growing.


  1. I've been wondering the same thing, so thanks for doing the research for me!

  2. My gardening Bible also suggests harvesting the basil, when it's at it's peak (which is mid-Feb here in the southern hemisphere) and freezing it in zip-lock bags, for winter use. I've been quite successful in doing this.

    1. ahh brilliant thanks gretta.. will try that.


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