Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Gallery

so i'm taking part here in The Gallery from the blog Sticky Fingers.

Here are my landscape photos
i love this landscape because of the contrast between the beautiful peaceful flat sea and the jagged intriguing window in the foreground. we crept in to this old house on the coast of Ireland and had a nosey around. it had belonged to my ancestors, been sold to developers and had sat empty for some time. There was graffiti, rubbish and signs of squatters. We found old letters addressed to my great aunt in the top rooms. it was scary and thrilling walking over broken floor boards and waiting to hear footsteps somewhere in the abandoned house.

and i couldn't resist posting this amazing sky. just what are those clouds doing?


  1. Wow, both amazing pictures!! The second one is just awesome with the clouds and light shining through.

  2. Stunning photos. When you said you crept into an old house I imagined you trespassing!

  3. Beautiful photos, Becca. Whereabouts in Ireland??

  4. WOW! Ghosts galore! And a million hidden stories whispering their wonders to your heart! I think those clouds are some of the ghosts...

    Meg xxxxx

  5. Fantastic picture. I love the window shot, very spooky.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  6. Great effect on that first one - very creative.


thank you. i love your comments x