Friday, 17 February 2012

unexpected guests

with a family of six turning up for tea i thought i better have some food ready. i also had my three year old to entertain. so we set to cooking. this simple meal was perfect for both involving little mr z and feeding hungry kids.

pour oil in two empty dishes
saute garlic and add two tins of chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper - leave to simmer
break up four mozzarella balls
and chop a big courgette in to slices
place a layer of lasagne on the bottom of the oiled dishes

pour some of the hot tomato mix over the lasagne sheets
put the courgette slices over the tomato 
spread the mozzarella over the courgette and add another layer of lasagne
Add another layer of tomato mix and cover in grated cheddar
bake in the oven (180) for 40 minutes
taste-testing - yum!
had some left-over chocolate chip cookie dough in the freezer to finish things off


  1. This is so inspiring B. I started reading your blog here and was overwhelmed with how patient and fun you must be as a parent. Involving little ones in cooking is not always easy. Brilliant job! I love that you have been doing this blog for so long! I had no idea! Sneaky you. xxxx

  2. We made this last night for Triona. Splendid recipe. Everyone including the kids loved it.


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