Wednesday, 15 February 2012

wine and coffee

i recently saw this funny The Uppers & Downers of Parenting (Or, Coffee & Wine). it made me laugh. why do i find wine and coffee so very comforting. they take the edge off. make me believe that once i've had them i'll be able to cope.. so much better.. until the next morning when i feel like a half-dead fire-breathing dragon yet again. when will the cycle end? what can i do to break it and feel more human in the morning? lovely hubby tells me it's just exhausting having young children, that's just the way it is. i feel there's more. there could be more energy out there at my disposal, i could be a better mum with more energetic, patient, positive and calm thoughts in the morning. maybe i should eat more healthily, go to bed earlier, get some exercise, never drink alcohol.. but i need those comforts .. those are the good things. maybe i need to meditate, to pray, to do yoga. the battle for more patience, more energy continually alludes me. perhaps in lent i'll try some new things... if i can find the energy!! i will keep you posted
camera flash going off in my face too early in the morning! ow!


  1. I remember all that agonising over my mothering. Only began to make headway when I began getting up 1 hour earlier than the kids, to pray, meditate, enjoy my coffee etc. Difficult, but worth persevering. I think I felt I got back control of my life and of me. Much love

  2. I really like Gretta's idea. I have tried it but it doesn't last for long as I forget to go to bed one hour earlier too! I must try again!


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