Wednesday, 29 February 2012


here is my not so hot start to a supposedly healthy lent!...oops.. and just because it was all there in the fridge on the first day of lent and it needed to be used up. 
so much too for hubby and my decision to start running - on alternate days for all of Lent. Day 7 and we're failing miserably.
but on a more positive note - oh my goodness fresh organic eggs are so delicious!.. and the yokes are so orange! 
We have started to get organic eggs delivered with our veggie box. Even if i buy free-range organic eggs from the supermarket, these Riverford eggs are SO much more delicious. As are my friends eggs who keeps chickens in her backgarden.

a favourite breakfast for the kids - boiled, poached or fried - as long as the yoke is super runny and dippable. i love serving up eggs. they feel so full of goodness
i discovered recently the joys of poaching eggs by just cracking them in to a saucepan of simmering water (add a pinch of salt). the kids love pouring in an egg and watching it make great shapes in the water.


  1. My kids love "egg in the hole" which is fried toast, with a hole cut and a fried egg in the middle. You grill the toast on one side in the fry pan, turn it over and cut out a circle using a glass or something that will take a nice round hole out of the toast. Then with the toast in the fry pan, crack an egg into the hole and fry it up. You can flip the whole thing over to make it "over easy." The toast is crispy, and the egg delicious too - and.. it is just one more fun thing to do with eggs!

    1. great idea!! thank you! will definitely try this - although not over easy as my kids love their eggs disgustingly runny and my son insists on sunny side up!


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